Homeowner Uses Modern Shelving as an Affordable Vintage Alternative

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Debbi Blundell first purchased a set of shelves from Modern Shelving ten years ago. Since her purchase a decade ago, the shelves have accompanied Blundell to three different homes and have withstood the test of time. Fast forward ten years and she still loves the shelves as much as the day she bought them.

In 2012, Blundell was in the market for a new set of shelves. She had a lot of vintage, mid-century furniture in her home and was a longtime fan of the George Nelson wall units. As much as she loved the George Nelson design, the shelves were extremely hard to come by typically cost around $7,000. So, Blundell set out to find a similar but more affordable option. Luckily, a Google search led her to Modern Shelving.   

At the time, Blundell was based in Carlsbad and Modern Shelving is based out of San Clemente, so it was a perfect fit. She was drawn to the fact that Modern Shelving’s shelves are so customizable. She was also a fan of the design—she liked that the shelves attached to the wall and she loved the pole mounts. She also liked that once she had all of the parts, she could easily move them around to achieve the design she was after, or she could move the entire shelf if she desired. The versatility really struck a cord with her. 

Blundell looked at some of the George Nelson shelving units and designed a custom unit that matched what she was looking for. Once the shelves arrived, she recruited a friend to help her set them up and messed around with the shelves until she has a set-up she was satisfied with.

Today, Blundell lives in Palm Springs with her wife in a mid-century modern style home. The shelves are in the entry hallway, so they’re the first thing you see when you enter the couple’s home. Blundell is proud that they catch people’s eyes when they walk in and she always directs friends to Modern Shelving when they inquire about her shelves.

Blundell and her wife are planning to do some remodels in their home and if they have any room for an additional set of shelves, they plan on ordering from Modern Shelving. The price is fair, the shelves are well made, and they love how customizable they are.

“For $2,450 I have this amazing shelving unit that I’ve moved with me three times and they have held up impressively well,” says Blundell. “They look just as good as when I first got them. They're awesome.”

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