Interior Designer Uses Modern Shelving to Enhance Client’s Apartment

Posted by Rebecca Parsons on

Mara Silber knows a thing or two about making a space look good. And she should, as she’s worked as an interior designer for over a decade.

Silber attended the George Washington University in Washington D.C., where she earned a degree in interior design and art history. After graduating, she began working as a stylist and design consultant in New York City. In 2010, she joined Mark Cunningham Inc. where she worked as a designer for high-end residential projects—her work at the firm was featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Interior Design, and Living in Style.

In 2015, Silber opened her own firm, servicing a range of residential and hospitality projects worldwide. She prides herself for not following trends and believes her clients are drawn to her approachable and livable aesthetic. 

Silber was recently working on a project for a client in Noho, a trendy neighborhood in New York City. The client was renting a luxury apartment and needed a way to house their book collection in a way that was aesthetically pleasing. Because it was a rental, Silber couldn’t physically alter the space. She was searching for a way to store the books while simultaneously elevating her design. Modern Shelving was the solution.

“We were immediately drawn to the tension-rod room dividers,” says Silber of Modern Shelving’s options. “We decided to use them as bookshelves as the focal point of the room and for functional storage. I loved the sleekness and sophistication of them.”

Silber and her client decided to go with custom shelves. They wanted the living room unit to be completely black and fit the wall to a tee. In the office, they opted for red shelves to add a pop of color.

“I think the tension rod is really unique,” says Silber of the shelves’ design. “Having something installed floor to ceiling makes it feel customized and luxurious. They’re expansive and functional but feel light and airy because they’re open.” 

As an interior designer, Silber has worked with a number of different business and brands to bring her visions to life. To enhance the Noho apartment, Silber worked with a rep at Modern Shelving and together they tweaked the number of bays, space between shelving, pole colors, and hardware colors, while taking into consideration what would be stored on the shelves. Modern Shelving connected her with an installer, and everything went smoothly.

“The install transformed the space,” says Silber. “It was the perfect functional, easy-to-remove statement for a rental. I would definitely recommend Modern Shelving—the process was very personal and efficient and the execution was sophisticated and sleek.”

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