Modern Shelving Helps Add Personality to a Brooklyn Apartment

Posted by Rebecca Parsons on

Eli Martin is a big fan of displaying artwork in his home. In almost every apartment he’s lived in, he’s had a set of shelves to display pieces that are important to him. So, when he moved to a loft in Brooklyn, New York, finding shelves that enhanced the space was high on his priority list.

“I had a vision when I moved in of how to lay out the space,” says Martin. “I wanted to find a way to put in shelves that wasn’t going to be super expensive but was also going to look nice and clean.”

In the living room, Martin had a big, empty wall where he wanted to install his shelves. The ceilings were approximately 12-feet tall and the wall about 15-feet long, so he knew finding shelves that fit the unique space was going to be a challenge. After scouring the Internet, Martin stumbled across Modern Shelving.

Modern Shelving offered what Martin had been envisioning for the space. He hopped on the phone with a representative and after figuring out the sizes he needed, he placed a custom order. When the shelves arrived, Martin got to work. 

For Martin, figuring out his design and layout was like a giant jigsaw puzzle. He positioned his shelves so that they created a bunch of small boxes, making perfect platforms for displaying art and books. Although figuring out the design and getting everything assembled took a few days, Martin is happy with how it turned out.

Matin picked white shelves to match his white walls but is excited to add colorful and meaningful artwork and objects that show his personality. He added lighting to the shelves, which made the space feel extra cozy at night.

“I’m super happy with how the shelves turned out,” says Martin. “Before it felt a little empty but now it feels substantial with them in place—it really completed the space.”

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