Shelves Complete Renovation in A Modern Historic Monument Apartment

Shelves Complete Renovation in A Modern Historic Monument Apartment

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Greg Ipp resides in a unique apartment complex in Los Angles, California: The Roberts Apartments. In 2019, the apartment complex was designated a LA Historic Cultural Monument. The complex was originally built in 1965 by Allyn E. Morris, an architect with a knack for creating innovative designs.

Nearly three years ago, Ipp underwent a mission to remodel his apartment. Where most home renovation projects strive to make everything within as trendy and current as possible, Ipp took a different approach. His goal was to return all of the little details of the apartment back to their original state.

Modern Shelving

He replaced the light switches with switches that mimicked the original style, made sure all of the plug sockets had the brown Bakelite that was originally on them, he did a bunch of electrical work, and he added shelving throughout. 

“I was looking for something that felt architectural that would suit the lines that were in the building,” says Ipp. “The guy was an engineer, so it's very linear. It’s very precisely designed and I wanted something that would fit with that.”

Ipp searched around for shelves and toyed with a few different ideas before settling on Modern Shelving. He liked the way the shelves looked and thought the prices were reasonable. 

Ipp had very particular shelving needs due to the specifics of his apartment, so he opted for three custom orders. He came up with dimensions and photos and sent them over to the Modern Shelving team. The team created a mockup design and after a little bit of back and forth, Ipp was ready to place his order. 

“I did the install, and it was easy. Really easy,” says Ipp. “When I got the most recent one I think the only thing I needed somebody to help me do was to hold it up against the wall while I drilled it in.” 

Ipp works from his home as a technical creative director, so he spends a lot of time in his apartment. He installed two units in his large living room and another two separate units in the office. He’s happy with how everything turned out and regularly gets questions about where he purchased his shelves.

After two and a half years remodeling his apartment, Ipp is thrilled to have a completed working and living environment that he enjoys spending time in. 

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