Movie Collector Uses Shelves As A Long-Term Organization Solution

Movie Collector Uses Shelves As A Long-Term Organization Solution

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Jeff Rauseo is an avid movie collector. In 2012, he began collecting Blue-ray discs and his collection has since expanded to include over 2,000 movies. He requires a lot of shelving to house his ever-growing collection and after having negative experiences with cheaply made shelves, he was after something that would not only fit his space well but would also withstand the test of time. Cue Modern Shelving.  

How did you first get into collecting?

My movie collection started back in 2012, when I bought my first home theater system which included a Blu-ray player. I had never purchased a Blu-ray before, but that set me down the path. Now, I have around 2,500 movies in my collection, which does go up and down from time to time as I continue to curate the collection.

My favorite genre is the horror, so I have many of those in my collection. Otherwise, the collection is pretty widespread across genres but it is 99% Blu-ray or 4K UHD discs.

You have your own YouTube channel, Films At Home. What do you do through this platform?

I talk about the importance of physical media in the digital age, do movie and disc reviews of new releases, and talk about different home theater and home entertainment topics. I also like to talk about movie recommendations, uncover hidden gems for my followers, and also talk about the mental side of collecting and how to walk the line between “hoarder” and “collector.”

What were you in the market for when you were looking for shelves?

I needed shelving that would fit in a fairly tight space, but to maximize the amount of discs based on the size of my collection. Most shelving was too standard sized and did not make sense for the size of my space or was made of cheaper materials. I had spent a lot of money on cheap shelving that did not hold up, so I wanted a more premium solution for the long-term. 

How did you discover Modern Shelving?

I found Modern Shelving through Instagram! They had been running some ads, and I loved the way the shelving looked for some of the vinyl collectors they had worked with, and the customizable options that they offered. The aluminum material was also very appealing.

What were some issues you’ve had with shelves you used in the past?

Cheap build quality was a big one. Many of my shelves did not survive moving into a new home, or even just moving around the room. They were made of particle board, and they just fell apart. I also had a hard time finding shelves that would maximize my space while also maintaining the aesthetic that I wanted.

Did you opt for a custom design?

I did go for a custom design! I had a wall along the back of my basement that had a bump out about ¾ of the way down the wall, so I needed custom dimensions and design to make that work. I also wanted to make sure that I was using every inch of the room to maximize storage.

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What was the process like working with the Modern Shelving team and ordering your shelves?

The process was great! I sent some photos of the room with dimensions and Ryan built me a 3D rendering of my space to get an idea of how it would look in the room. We worked on a few different iterations as I changed the room layout slightly, and we settled on a great solution that worked well.

Did you do the install yourself?

I did! I am fairly handy and this was one of the easiest installs I have done. It is really as simple as mounting the poles to the wall, leveling them out, measuring distance between them for the shelves, and then just popping the shelves on the brackets. I think it took me as long to unpack everything as it did to actually install! 

Are you happy with how they turned out?

I am very happy with the shelves. I know that they will be a long-term solution that won’t break down on me like my other shelving. These will last forever, and the sleek black aluminum shelving looks great surrounded by my movie posters and home theater technology in the basement.

Would you recommend these shelves to family/friends?

If they were serious about their collection, or wanted to refresh a room with new shelving, absolutely. I know that they won’t be for everyone, but for serious collectors who want a premium option that will be able to last, grow with them, and also stand up to any move from home to home, these are a must have.

Anything else?

I recommend chatting with the team before you buy. They were super helpful!

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