Physician Creates Bookstore Inspired Reading Nook in His New York Apartment

Physician Creates Bookstore Inspired Reading Nook in His New York Apartment

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Odai Sinokrot first moved to New York in 2016 and currently resides in an apartment in SoHo. During the day, he works as a physician in the ICU. But during his off hours, Sinokrot dabbles in interior design. He treats his home like a design lab, experimenting to create the perfect blend of trendy yet homey, cute yet functional. Here, Sinokrot shares how he first discovered Modern Shelving, what his ordering experience was like, and how the shelves enhance his space.

What were you in the market for when you were looking for shelves?

I wanted an open shelving system that could occupy a corner unit in my apartment. I am endlessly inspired by magazine stores and bookstore display units that offer an aesthetically pleasing and practical display while still sturdy enough to hold their own as independent furniture pieces.

How did you discover Modern Shelving? 

A close friend of mine had recommended MS. I did some research and found that MS provided incredible quality, was aesthetically exactly what I was looking for, and at a price point that was amazing and within my budget.  

Did you go with a custom or stock option?

I went with a stock option. After I did all the required measurements, I bought the first corner of shelves before committing and buying two. Once it got installed, I ensured that the rest of the measurements would fit and that I was happy with the look and went ahead and ordered the other section again from the stock section. 

What was your ordering experience like, start to finish?

Seamless. Staff were very communicative. No issues.  

Where in your home are your shelves?

The shelves are in a corner of the living room and provide a nice reading and display nook. I style the shelves after the many bookstores I’m inspired by in New York City. I also display our record collection and some objects like vases and vessels that I buy on my travels. 

How did you get into interior design?  

I have always been very interested in interior design. My passion for it really took off after I moved to New York City for work in 2016. I have helped many friends design and style their homes and find it extremely rewarding. I think that a home should be a direct reflection of the person that lives there and should provide not only a place of rest but also be a place to be and get inspired. 

What aesthetic were you going for when you were designing your apartment?

Modern, curated and eclectic.

I use the space a lot for entertaining. A home that is made to entertain but still feels comfortable needs to be immune to a lot of foot traffic yet simultaneously make you feel right at home. I focus a lot on making sure a space can hit on all of one’s senses. Lighting, textures and colors are very important. Comfortable seating and separate entertainment and lounging areas can be key when hosting or just resting at home. 

In our living room, I wanted the corner with the shelves to be like a mini display of books and objects that invites one to grab a magazine or a book and be able to lounge and sit without it feeling too previous or imposing. The shelves have a modern and clean aesthetic that is inviting and very pretty to look at. 

Would you recommend them to a friend?

Absolutely (and I have). I am a huge fan of the options provided on the website and the ability to customize the shelves. The quality is also absolutely fantastic!

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