George Nelson Omni System Inspired Desk/Shelving Unit

George Nelson Omni System Inspired Desk/Shelving Unit

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As an owner of mid-century homes, Blaine Siler is a big fan of the mid-century modern look. When he was in the market for shelves, he liked the idea of the George Nelson Omni Systems, but found that they were difficult to acquire and weren’t accommodating to all spaces. He began seeking alternate options when his girlfriend recommended Modern Shelving.

Siler’s girlfriend first stumbled upon Modern Shelving on Instagram. She purchased a three-section desk and Siler liked the way it looked in her small San Francisco Bay Area home, so he decided to give them a try.

Siler originally intended to purchase a custom unit, but ended up buying a stock featured system that was in line with what he wanted. He placed his order and six to eight weeks later his order arrived.

“I had no major challenges,” says Siler. “Everything went together easily, and I made no measuring mistakes assembling it. The only thing I did wrong was assembling it alone. Another hand like the instructions say would have been genius!”

Despite doing it solo, Siler got everything put together. One modification he made was setting the desk units one by one and screwing them individually through the back to studs for a firmer work surface. 

Siler’s desk/shelving unit is in his main living room. He uses it to house his books, his PC for zoom meetings, and some artwork. 

“I like having a place in the home that may be visually busy but is open and functional,” says Siler. “It's a wonderful way to feature smaller collectibles and even artwork.” 

Overall, Siler is happy with how his unit turned out. The only thing he wished he had done differently is switch the post and metal shelf finish to black. 

“It's such a versatile unit,” says Siler. “It's functional but also a great way to express yourself through decor. I enjoy that it displays small groups of collections, and you really can store tons of heavy books.”

Looking for a similar unit?  Take a peak here 

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