Papageno’s Wine & Provisions Uses Modern Shelves to Display Their Gourmet Goods

Papageno’s Wine & Provisions Uses Modern Shelves to Display Their Gourmet Goods

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At Papegeno’s Wine & Provisions they’re all about food and wine that not only tastes good but tells stories. The upscale wine and provisions shop is coming soon to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and they will have no short supply of amazing wines, spirits, and specialty foods on offer.

The founders of Papageno’s are experts in their field. Douglas Haines, co-owner and specialty food lead, brings over thirty years of experience in the specialty food industry. Marco A. Gomez, co-owner and wine lead, has 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry, mainly in fine dining.

“It will be wonderfully diverse,” says Haines. “I don’t really like the word gourmet because gourmet is such an overused an abused word. Instead, think of it as specialty foods from amazing producers that tell great stories.” 

On the provisions side, every continent except Antarctica will be represented. Papageno’s will have pantry items like oils, vinegars, pastas, dressings, grains, rice, cookies, crackers, jams, breakfast items, spices, honey, a Latin food section, an Asian food section, coffee, tea, non-alcoholic beverages, chips, pretzels, popcorn, jerky, and more. They will also have an amazing confection section with treats from some of the top chocolatiers in the world.

On the wine side, they will have a little bit of everything. They will offer popular, well-known wines as well as wines from small, boutique wineries around the world. Like their pantry items, their goal is to offer their high-quality wines at an affordable, everyday price. 

Naturally, in the process of getting their store ready to open, Haines and Gomez needed high-quality shelves to display their collection of food and beverages. After shopping around, the duo stumbled across Modern Shelving via an online search and loved what they saw in the catalogue.

We wanted something elegant, and we wanted something that was unique,” says Haines. “Every last little detail is a representation of who we are as a brand, so we are hypersensitive with every step that we’ve taken. Modern Shelving seemed like an obvious choice for us.” 

“We chose one style that we saw in a hotel,” says Gomez. “Everything in the catalogue looked so refreshing, modern, and elegant—that’s why we chose Modern Shelving.”

After taking some time to chat with the Modern Shelving team, Haines and Gomez opted for a custom set of shelves. While most shelves are 12-inches deep, they ordered shelves that were 18-inches, to fill out their shop and be substantial enough to hold all of their amazing offerings.

The ordering process went smoothly and once the shelves arrived, the duo hired a team to help with the big install process. The walnut shelves with black accents they chose compliment the space and bring it to life.

“Right now, we have a beautiful store of empty shelves,” jokes Haines. “But are we happy with them? Yes, we’re certainly happy with them.”

Papageno’s is set to open in the Victoria Park neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in December. Click HERE to learn more.

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