Bay Area Couple Gives Their Home Office a Facelift

Bay Area Couple Gives Their Home Office a Facelift

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If you’ve ever lived in the Bay Area, then you know that one of the tricks of the trade is maximizing space in the overpopulated region. Longtime Bay Area residents, Audrey and Eric work from home and wanted to spice up their home office. They were searching for a set up that was functional yet simple to complete their space. After lots of research, they stumbled upon Modern Shelving and were thrilled with the cost and customization options. We caught up with the couple and asked what type of shelves they were in the market for, how the install went, and what their family and friends think of their new shelves.

What were you in the market for when you were first looking for shelves?

We appreciate minimal design and wanted a shelf that offered a dynamic backdrop for our books, knick-knacks, and photos. Specifically, we were looking for a tension system as we didn’t want to mount the shelves to the wall to allow for our HVAC’s air intake (so we can easily change the filter). 

We wanted shelves that spanned the entirety of our office and considered a few custom-made options from overseas, but nothing quite worked for us. Other options had very long lead times or were incredibly costly. We were thrilled when we came across Modern Shelving which offered the quality, customization, and quick turnaround at a price point we loved. 

Where in your home do you use your shelves?

We use the shelves in our office. We wanted something functional and simple that filled the space and offered a nice home for all the treasures we’ve collected over the years. We also work from home and want a nice background for video calls, and we’re always getting compliments on our shelves. We often get asked if we have a “virtual background” on!


Has the office been a project you’ve wanted to tackle for a while?

We installed the shelves as part of a full renovation of our 1956 Eichler home. Before the renovation, the room didn’t have a lot of natural light and was just a boring rectangular space with a small window. Our designer had the great idea to add built-in shelves to one side of the room and a wall of windows and custom-built desks to the other, which has really made the room stand out! 

How did you discover Modern Shelving?

We actually came across Modern Shelving when we were searching for interior inspiration on Dwell during our renovation. We saw them in another beautifully designed Eichler home in the walnut finish. They matched that home so well and managed to be understated and unique in equal measure.

Did you go with a custom or stock option?

We went with a stock option—laminate white shelves with aluminum hardware. 

What was your ordering process like?

After we reached out to Modern Shelving, the team worked with us to get an understanding of the space, including requirements like accommodating the beams and the custom dimensions. They created a rendering of the shelves, which made it very easy to visualize them in the space. We adjusted the sizes a bit and were able to place the order soon after.

Did you do the install yourself?

Yes, we did the install ourselves. It was relatively easy though because of the modularity of the shelves. We needed to use a measure to ensure each shelf was level and even with the other shelves. It required a lot of patience, but well worth it—they fit the space like a glove!

How do your shelves complete or enhance your space?

The shelving unit really ties together the entire room. It wouldn’t look the same without it! 

What’s the reaction been from friends/family?

The shelves definitely spark conversation whenever we have friends or family over. Many people are impressed by the modularity and simplicity and have looked into purchasing a unit themselves.

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