Mother Daughter Duo Display Wares at Their Greek Imports Store

Modern Shelving Sets the Stage for Mother Daughter Duo Boutique Imports Store

Posted by Rebecca Parsons on

Elizabeth Chiarel and Maria Chiarel Diamond are the ultimate mother daughter duo. In 2002, they founded So Blue, a Greek imports store. In December 2023, they opened their first brick and mortar location where they carry and display ceramics from workshops across Greece, pantry staples, handmade purses, jewelry, wood art, and more.

When they opened their store in 2023, they were in the market for shelves to house their wares. They wanted something sleek and modern that could hold the weight of the ceramics they carry. They also wanted something with cabinet storage underneath. Another key component of their shelves was that they didn’t want them to compete with the products they sell. 


After searching the web for “retail shelving” they came across Modern Shelving. They had also seen Modern Shelving on the Salt and Sundry Instagram page and felt that it was the right fit for their needs.

Elizabeth and Maria originally looked into Modern Shelving in May of 2023 but didn’t make an official decision until July. They were impressed that owner John Clark contacted them directly and they opted for custom shelves due to the measurements of their space and the location of electrical outlets.

When the shelves arrived, the duo hired a nearby service that Modern Shelving referred them to for the install. Everything went smoothly and their shelves were up in no time.

The shelves live on the righthand wall in the middle of their store and house chain stitch pillow covers, ceramics, plexiglass décor, art prints, food items, and handbags. Since the shelves went up, many have complimented the look of the shelves and how perfect they look in the store.

“We are extremely pleased with the overall function and aesthetic,” says Elizabeth. “Our store is recently renovated and has a more contemporary/industrial feel, so the shelves blend seamlessly into the appearance.”

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