How to Order Custom Shelving for Home, Office or Retail

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Custom Design Assistance (Free for First Time Customers) Build your brand with innovative & adjustable displays by simply scheduling a consultation with an expert designer to let us design it for you! As a custom design customer you will receive a custom 3D design of your shelving system as well as a choice of more colors and design features. You may also call (877) 477-5487 or email A popular choice for Retail, Corporate, Residential, Tradeshows, Boutique Fitness Studios, Home Offices, Urban Workspaces, Home Schools and Apparel Sales.

Schedule a Consultation From the Custom Page on the Main Menu of
Step 1 Begin by filling out the basic information of first and last name, email, phone and how you heard about Modern Shelving. You will then be prompted simply enter the measurements of your ceiling height and wall width (in inches) including a brief note of what the room is used for. Click to Download Measuring Guide.


Step 2 & 3
Upload a minimum of 3 photos of your space from different angles so that our designers can ensure the system does not interfere with existing elements. Following this, you will receive an email letting you know it has been received and a designer will be reaching out to you shortly.

A phone call will be made to you from a Modern Shelving Designer who will begin with an brief and general discussion of the basic use and goals of this custom system including while also taking a moment to confirm your measurements. The different types of cabinets will be explained to you; living area, office, with drawers, visible inside etc. Budget is discussed at this point as well. Knowing this allows us to provide the most value to your system as we can.


Step 4
Upon completing this discussion, an email will be sent with color and finish options (custom systems have more choices!) Soon after that, in a separate email, 3D renderings of your custom shelving system will arrive along with and the cost estimate.


Step 5
There will be a follow up contact where any final decisions are made. Expect fast direct delivery as our products are manufactured and assembled domestically.

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