Birmingham Record Shop Owner Shares Virtual Design and Self-Install Experience Organizing Large Vinyl Collection

Birmingham Record Shop Owner Shares Virtual Design and Self-Install Experience Organizing Large Vinyl Collection

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Birmingham, Alabama
Seasick Records owner Daniel Drinkard discusses his experience choosing "Custom" as the way to order shelves for his colossal home record collection. Daniel explains, “My wife Amy and I needed a way to store and display my personal collection in an efficient and charming manner.

With the recent success of my shop, remodeling our home was finally viable for Amy and I. Unfortunately, during this time, the personal collection of records had to be stored in a temperature controlled storage unit. As a vinyl enthusiast, I bet you can imagine how uneasy that made me feel, with Big Star’s #1 Record (pictured) sitting alone in some storage unit, not being played. Yet, as the remodel wrapped up, as we began to plan for their voyage home, it became apparent this compendium collection was not going to fit on the generic store shelves in which we previously purchased.

We had to find a real solution to store this vast amount of records in a small space and so a vision was born of a full on, floor-to-ceiling shelving system. Nothing like we had in mind was available online or in stores, but thankfully, Amy had previously worked at an architecture firm and was familiar Modern Shelving as a reliable resource for custom shelving units. Apparently Modern Shelving has a great reputation in the architecture space.

Off to where we saw the 3 ways to order. We chose Custom to speak directly with an expert, as we knew the preconfigured systems would simply not exist for our unique need. Identifying the wall which would be used and with the handy Modern Measuring Guide.pdf, were able to provide the proper and necessary details and photos of the intended space.

We were actually super excited that we would get 3D rendering visualizations of the shelving system designs, as well as a choice of more colors and design features - conversely a tad apprehensive because we did not know exactly what we wanted. Upon receipt of the first set, we saw how clear it was that working with a Modern Shelving design expert was going to be a fun way to do this project.

To store records and maintain best condition, it’s critical to have sides to support the significant weight of vinyl records. If not properly shelved standing upright, vinyl has potential to become warped, effecting the sound, if not ruining the record. The Modern Shelving expert designer was deftly experienced and patient as we were guided us through a few rounds of back and forth perfecting our system with various materials and configurations. During the discussions, topics such as the various types of attachments and cabinets were clearly explained us. The best part was that all this was free because we were first time customers!

In the end, a 3-Bay Custom Pole Mounted (PAL) System was chosen. The final choice of material we decided upon was a stunning sustainable wood finish that just worked perfectly with our remodel. To support the weight of all those records, the pole mounted attachments (PAL) were recommended (as opposed to wall mounted attachments). We did like how the 2-Bay design looked, however too concerned the weight stored on each shelf would be too much.

Before we finished our home’s renovation the completed unit had arrived. Using toggle bolts, install went quite smooth, considering our house is about 100 years old with plaster walls. We thought we might need our handyman for help, but was at the end of the day, super simple to attach and set up. The interest is there for vinyl and I am now looking forward to using Modern Shelving for the retail shop’s ever expanding collection. If you are looking for an innovative storage solution for your vinyl record collections, I have to say Modern Shelving Custom is the hands-down, the only way to go.”

Contact Daniel Drinkard
Seasick Records | 4420A 4th Ave South | Birmingham, Alabama | 35222 | (205) 677-3166
Instagram #seasickrecords

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