Honolulu Med Spa Uses Shelves to Display Products

Honolulu Med Spa Uses Modern Shelving® to Display Products

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Hawaii’s number one medical spa, the Honolulu MedSpa is the largest full-service medical spa in the Aloha State. Located in Honolulu, the spa has a team of medical professional that are continuously working to bring their patients the most advanced technology, fastest treatments, and the best possible results in just an hour. Honolulu MedSpa’s mission is to improve patient’s quality of life, help patients be happier, healthier, and look more youthful, and save them time and money.

The spa opened twenty two years ago with just one treatment room and has expanded to now offer nine. Once a month, they also have a pop-up location at the Sugar Mill on the North Shore of Oahu.


Popular services include laser hair removal, body sculpting, derma fillers, facials, Botox, and more. Honolulu MedSpa offers free consultations and individually customized treatments, as well as monthly memberships and numerous promotions and reward programs. 

In addition to treatments, the Honolulu MedSpa sells a line of skincare products. Naturally, they needed a way to display their products in a way that was aesthetically pleasing. They have a small space, so they were looking for a way to display their products in a way that would be flexible for the needs of their space.                                               

After searching the Internet, they stumbled upon Modern Shelving. They opted for a stock set of shelves they found online, with shelving up top for displaying their products and cabinets below for holding extra inventory.


“We were trying to think of different solutions and [Modern Shelving] seemed like one of the better options out there,” says owner Richard Yeo. “They were really easy to work with and we liked the flexibility of being able to configure the [shelves] how we wanted to.”

After receiving their shelves, they hired out a contractor. A few years later, they purchased lighting to really highlight their displays.


“We wish we had more space to put more shelves because we’d like to be able to display more products,” says Yeo. “Every year there’s new stuff coming out, but we still have the same amount of space. We’d definitely look to use [Modern Shelving] again in the future.”

Currently, Honolulu MedSpa is in the process of brainstorming expansion ideas. They plan to stay in Hawaii, but hope to either add smaller, satellite locations or a flagship location. And of course, once they settle on a location, they plan to use Modern Shelving shelves. 

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