Designers Use Shelves to House Their Art Book and Boot Collections

Posted by Rebecca Parsons on

Chris Mendoza lives with his girlfriend in a loft in Los Angeles, California. As designers, it’s important to them that their space look sleek, so when they needed a shelving unit to house Mendoza’s art book collection it wasn’t a simple task. Mendoza scoured the Internet looking for a set a sturdy set of shelves that met the aesthetic he was after. Everything he found was either too expensive or too flimsy to securely store his collection.

When he stumbled upon Modern Shelving, Mendoza knew he had finally found what he’d been searching for. The shelves aligned with the mental image he had created for his space and at a fraction of the price of the options out there, Mendoza decided it was time to place an order.

Mendoza chose two sets of stock options online, one for his art book collection and one to store his and his girlfriend’s boots (next time, he plans on ordering custom shelves). Together, the couple installed the shelves and worked together measuring and readjusting until the shelves looked just right.

In the living room, Mendoza uses the shelves as a library for his book and magazine collection. On the shelves by the front door, the couple stores most of their boots in a trendy display.

“Living in a concrete loft, I think the shelves really match the vibe,” says Mendoza. “My partner and I are both designers with a bit of a shopping problem, so it’s great that we can display our stuff on something that looks equally as nice.”

Mendoza is happy with how the shelves turned out. They look great and he’s confident that should the couple ever relocate, they could easily disassemble and re-install the shelves in their new home. Mendoza even took to TikTok to show off his shelves and regularly gets comments asking where he got them.

“Most of our friends that come over say that our space looks like a retail store or are impressed by the huge arrangement of books,” says Mendoza. “I really wanted clean and sleek metal shelves and I’m very satisfied with how the shelves came out.”

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