Connecticut Family Uses Shelves to Create a Cohesive Living Space

on Nov 28, 2022

When Melissa and Justin Colby moved to a new home in Milford, Connecticut, they knew they were going to have to put in a lot of work to achieve the aesthetic they were after. The open concept home was completely different than their previous one and they wanted something that looked good to fill the vast space. They decided shelves would fill the space nicely and started searching for something in the mid-century style they were after. 

When searching for shelves, their goal was to find something strong yet stylish. They wanted shelves for their home office on which they planned to house their vinyl collection. They also were searching for shelves for their living room and seating area, with a vision of storing cookbooks on one of the shelves as an ode to their love of cooking. When they came across Modern Shelving, it seemed like a match made in heaven.

The Colybs had a file cabinet in their office that they needed to work around, so they consulted with the Modern Shelving team to create a set of custom shelves. When they received the drawings, they gave the okay to move forward as it was exactly what they were looking for. Once their shelves arrived, the Colbys got to work getting everything assembled.

“We’ve built Ikea furniture, so this was cake,” says Melissa Colby. “We were ready to spend hours and hours putting everything together but this was super easy.” 

Once everything was assembled, the Colbys were blown away by the results. The shelves met all their needs and completed their large space, tying their home together nicely. The shelving unit in the home office regularly serves as a backdrop for Zoom calls and the couple is constantly getting compliments and questions about where they purchased their shelves.

“They were incredibly affordable, the designer we worked with was phenomenal, and everything was easy to put together,” says Melissa. “We absolutely love them.”


This is Melissa’s third home she has lived in during her adult life and all of her homes thus far have required major renovations. She’s been a big fan of the projects over the years and was so inspired by her latest remodel, that she decided to enroll in school for interior design. Once she starts taking on clients, she knows exactly where to direct them for shelves.

“Modern Shelving fit the aesthetic we wanted and they were strong enough to do what we needed them to do,” says Melissa. “They were customizable and the vibe was just what we were looking for—mid-century modern with clean lines.”

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