Basement Buildout Inspired by George Nelson Shelving Design

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Chris Briggs had spent hours searching the Internet for a set of shelves to complete his basement buildout when his sister recommended Modern Shelving. His Michigan home was built in 1980 and the basement sported 1970's style wood paneling and green shag carpet. Briggs wanted shelves that paid homage to the mid-century style while simultaneously completing the room and storing some show pieces. 

When Briggs discovered Modern Shelving, he knew it was what he'd been looking for. He liked that the shelves were modular and appreciated the quality and attention to detail. He also liked that Modern Shelving offered a design team he could work with to create custom shelves that were specifically tailored to his needs.

 “The support was really important to us,” says Briggs. “Certainly we could go to Ikea and buy something and try and figure it out, but having the team there to walk us through what we needed and make suggestions was very helpful.”

Briggs worked with the Modern Shelving team to create a custom set of shelves inspired by the famous George Nelson design. He wanted a spot to store his television, as well as some books and nick knacks. After creating an initial drawing and a couple rounds of tweaks, they landed on design he was happy with and Briggs placed his order. Once the shelves arrived, Briggs and his daughter spent a weekend assembling them. 

“It was super easy to get the design the way we wanted it and then it took a little time to fabricate it,” says Briggs. “The instructions on putting it together were pretty straightforward, so we were able to get it put together in a weekend.”

Briggs was thrilled with the results. The shelves serve as a focal point in his open floor plan basement and house their television, his kid’s books from when they were young, architecture/design books, and a collection of nick knacks. He loves how the shelves effortlessly store all of his items and how they complete the space.

“Everybody who sees it loves it,” says Briggs. “It fits well with the house and it really does the job of holding that wall together and showing it.”

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