A Brooklyn New York Apartment Undergoes a Full Gut Renovation

A Brooklyn New York Apartment Undergoes a Full Gut Renovation

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When Miloš Balać purchased his Brooklyn, New York apartment last year, he knew he would be doing a full gut renovation. The project turned into a family affair, with his mother acting as his real estate agent, his father as his contractor, and his younger brother as his roommate. His dad has been doing high-end renovations in New York City for over 30 years with his company Miro Balac Inc., so it was a dream come true for the father-son duo to work together on Miloš’s first home. We caught up with Miloš and asked about his renovation project, how he incorporate Modern Shelving into his design, and if he’s happy with how everything turned out.

What were some of the renovations you were looking to make?

The challenge with the space was that the open nature of the living room didn’t naturally offer a comfortable configuration for lounging or watching TV that would also maintain separation and privacy from the bedrooms and bathroom. At the same time, I didn’t want to put up a wall that would shrink the space or compromise natural light.

My mom gets the credit for suggesting some sort of room divider. I worked on the apartment with the architect Christopher Moy who then designed a beautiful room divider that would serve as a library and media center. With his design in hand, it was then a matter of finding someone who could bring his idea to life. Cue Modern Shelving.

How did you find Modern Shelving?

While searching for different solutions, Chris (the architect) came across Modern Shelving and suggested that I contact them. I was immediately attracted to the design aesthetic, price point, and lead time, and it so closely resembled what I had envisioned.

Did you go with a custom or stock option?

I went with a stock option of white laminate shelves and cabinets with aluminum hardware.

What was the ordering process like?

The entire process was very straightforward. I used the Modern Shelving website to schedule a consultation call with designer Tesoro DeGuzman. On that call, Tesoro and I discussed my needs and he quickly followed up with a rendering. After a few tweaks back and forth, I approved the design and quote, waited a few weeks for delivery, and then had them installed.

Did you install yourself?

The shelves were installed by my contractor (who again, happens to be my dad). The unit fit perfectly.

What do you use your shelves for?

The shelves serve as my library and media unit, housing my sound system, books, and television which is mounted for a floating effect. The unit also provides separation and privacy between the living room and bedrooms/bathroom, but allows for natural light to come through giving the whole apartment a larger feel.

What did that space look like before you put in your new shelves?

Before the renovation, the living room led right into the bathroom and primary bedroom, offering zero privacy and no good solutions on where to place a television.

Are you happy with how they turned out?

I love my Modern Shelving unit. It really elevates the space, providing an elegant solution on how to enjoy my books and entertainment. Guests always react very positively, asking about the design.

What do you do for work?

I am a documentary filmmaker and when I’m not in the field, I work from home. My brother who lives with me is an actor and he too uses the space for rehearsals, classes, and auditions. It makes a big difference to have a space that feels so comfortable.

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