Order your Media Wall Shelving System from Anywhere in the World

on Nov 07, 2014

We hope this customer story inspires you to work with us on your Media Wall plan!  

Hi guys,
So finally I have the bookcase installed!
I just would like to say thank you. I think you have been outstanding since day one. Incredibly service-minded and professional. And I think your product is amazing.
I will gladly recommend anyone to buy from ISS Designs.
I would even would like to try to sell the system here in Israel, and maybe in Scandinavia (which is were Im from originally). Guess I could use my living room as a show room now!
All best,

This is our first customer to order a PAL Media system from Israel.  If you live in Israel, we know someone that would like to show you his ISS Designs system in person.  

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