ModShelf Floor to Ceiling Room Divider Shelving with Cabinets

Use Extensions to Create Multiple Bays

Configuration 1 Bay
Unit Width 24"
Pole/Shelf Color White/Casting Light
Transform Your Spaces with ModShelf's Floor-to-Ceiling Room Divider Shelving – Redefining Your Room in Style!

Innovative Design: No-Drill Modern Shelving System

Introducing ModShelf, a revolutionary Floor-to-Ceiling Modern Shelving System that requires no drilling in walls or ceiling. The innovative design ensures easy installation, making it a hassle-free solution for transforming your living or office space. Embrace modernity without the need for complex installations.

Space Enhancement: Define, Divide, and Elevate

Experience a new dimension in space enhancement with ModShelf. Elevate living spaces, create unique areas from open entries, and divide rooms for additional living spaces. This versatile room divider shelving not only organizes but also defines and elevates the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings.

Customizable Heights: Tailored to Perfection

ModShelf offers more than just shelves; it provides a personalized fit for your space. Easily request a different height during checkout, ensuring a tailored and perfect fit for your specific needs. Enjoy the freedom to customize your shelving system to match the unique dimensions of your living or office area.

Compression Poles 93"h x 1.5w
Shelves(x4) 12" deep. 24" or 31" Wide
Cabinets 24" Wide x 15 Deep & 31" Wide & 15 Deep

Send us a note when you checkout if you need a different height and we can make it work!