Custom Design that’s Priced Right

We think that “custom” shelving does not have to mean expensive shelving. Why settle for just a starter system, when you can fill your entire wall with shelves? ISS Designs offers infinite design possibilities with your choice of a wall mounted, pole mounted or free standing system. The aluminum hardware along with wood shelves, cabinets and work surfaces provides the complete system to meet all your storage needs.


Easy to Install

Do you like to put stuff together?  Did you build LEGOs as a kid?   Depending on the size of your order, it could be a couple of hours or a weekend project to make your shelving design a reality.   Most customers install ISS Designs themselves or hire a local assembly person.


As your needs change, ISS Designs can change with you

If you know that you always like to change stuff around or move from place to place, ISS Designs will be the right match for you.   The simple modular design allows for adding on, changing heights and your changing moods.


No permanent attachment necessary - take it with you when you move

No strings attached and if you use our compression nails and no screws either.   Spring loaded or threaded aluminum compression poles have been around since the 50’s and those original poles are still holding up books from coast to coast.


Timeless design that’s built to last

We were inspired by mid-century designers like George Nelson to bring back the timeless classic of pole mounted wall units.  We only use the best materials available to manufacture our aluminum hardware and wood components.  Timeless design should stand the test of time too.


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