wall mounted

pole mounted


semi-wall mounted

Our shelving system consist of two mounting types, Wall Mounted and Pole Mounted. Wall Mounted systems are supported 100% by the wall. Pole Mounted systems can be either Compression or Semi-Wall Mounted. Compression systems use the floor and ceiling to support the structure. Semi-Wall Mounted systems use the floor and wall to support the structure. See examples to the right.

shelf support

ISS Designs provides three different ways to support shelves and each one offers infinite adjustability combined with strength and ease of installation. The rectangular shaped ISS Bracket slides up and down at a 45° angle and locks in place by pushing down. The Fusion Bracket has a wide base tapered to a narrow tip with a “T” on top and inserts at any point to twist and lock into place. Shelf End Supports are mounted on Quad Poles at any point along the threaded channel using screws to lock into position at any height.