Shelves Complete Open Concept Renovation Project

Shelves Complete Open Concept Renovation Project

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When Mandy Palasik was in the market for shelves for her Los Angeles home, she took to the design grapevine to draw inspiration. When she stumbled upon Modern Shelving, she was attracted to the minimal design and quality of the shelves, so she decided to give them a go. Palasik installed the shelves in her dining room area, to complete an open concept renovation project. Here, Palasik shares which specific shelves she ordered, what her install experience was like, and how the shelves complete her space.

What were you in the market for when you were first looking for shelves?

Versatility, aesthetic, and cost were driving criteria for selecting the shelving system for this project. The renovation of the home blends traditional elements with modern design that errs on the side of minimalist, so the wall mounted shelving unit was a perfect fit. I was also looking for a system in white that would blend in with the surrounding walls and allow the objects displayed to be the focus. I believe everyone's home should be a reflection of their personality and filled with items that bring them joy. This system allowed for a more curated and organized version!

Where in your home did you install the shelves?

These shelves were specified in the dining room area, which connects the living and kitchen area as part of the revised open layout. The home is a very modest-sized historic bungalow with cheerfully bright and white interiors. We jokingly call this the "party" wall as it separates the main areas of the home from the bedrooms, but also is the most colorful wall in the house which creates a fun focal point.

Did you go with a custom or stock option?

I selected Modern Shelving's stock 60" Wall System standard and 10" bracket in white. I opted for stained wood shelving purchased from a local hardware store to tie in with the home's original hardwood floors. 

What was the install experience like?

I had eyed these shelves up for a renovation project, so I had drawn up the dimensions and sizing in advance to fit perfectly in the space. Additionally, I noted for the contractor to add blocking to the walls at the locations of the verticals (since the walls were already down to the stud). You could put anything on these shelves, they are not going anywhere!  

What do you house on your shelves?

The shelves feature a collection of books, photos, plants, and sentimental bric-à-brac. They provide a visual focal point and pop of color between the living and kitchen area.  

Are you happy with how they turned out?

Absolutely! They are a great addition to the project and will evolve with the life of the home. Like a good piece of furniture, the wall system is so versatile and timeless—it can work virtually in any space.

Anything else?

I was surprised at how easy and oddly satisfying it was to adjust the bracket heights. Unlike traditional adjustable shelving brackets, these brackets fit seamlessly into the vertical grooves and are incredibly sturdy, so you never have to worry about the shelves shifting over time. The shelving also works as a great Zoom background!

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