Maximizing Storage Space in a One-Bedroom Apartment

on Apr 07, 2022

Andrea Chiney and Brian Ho live in a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, New York, meaning space and storage is a constant challenge. Both are trained architects, so the couple has a generous collection of design books that they house in their small space. The solution to their storage challenge? Modern Shelving. 

Chiney was first introduced to Modern Shelving by Ho years ago and since, the shelves have become an integral part of their home. The couple has two sets of shelves in their family/living room area that they use for their large collection of design books. Recently, they added a shelving unit in their kitchen as an extension of their countertop to further make the most of their small space. They use the additional counter space as a bar.

“We like that they’re very simple and they’re very easy to alter,” says Chiney. “They’re super flexible in the way in which you can design different widths and heights.”

Chiney and Ho have set up their shelving unit in a way that compliments the design of their space. According to Chiney, their ceiling has some ducting units that create weird pockets. To combat the design, Chiney and Ho have used the flexibility of the shelving unit to their advantage.

“We’ve designed the shelves so they visually line up with the ceiling bulkheads, this way the shelves compliment the existing ceiling shape and everything looks more intentional” says Chiney. “The [shelves] are super minimal—we love that.”

Additionally, Chiney appreciates the fact that the product is American made and that set up is straightforward. As someone who works from home, it’s important that her space is visually pleasing and well organized—Modern Shelving has helped her achieve that.

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