LA Architecture Firm Uses Shelves to Transform Office Space

LA Architecture Firm Uses Shelves to Transform Office Space

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At Carte Blanche Studio, appearances are everything. Founded in 2013, the Los Angeles based architecture firm specializes in custom residential homes. They’re all about starting from scratch and working with their clients to make the most out of their space and create the home of their dreams.

After constructing a new office space, the firm found themselves in need of a bookshelf to house their collection of books. Their space doubled as an office and  a client meeting space, so their goal was to find shelves that were functional and met the aesthetic they were looking for. They were on the hunt for shelves that could serve as the focal point for their office and really transform their space.

While there were countless options for shelves on the market, the firm had trouble finding a set that exactly suited their needs. They looked into going the custom route but discovered the shelves exceeded their budget. Then, by a stroke of luck, they discovered Modern Shelving.

Speak with a designer Modern Shelving

After getting in touch with Modern Shelving and speaking with a designer, they received a 3D model within days and after a few customizations, they placed their order. Within a matter of weeks, the shelving unit arrived at their doorstep and they were in business.

“Once we had the shelves it took about a day to put them together,” says Carte Blanche Studio owner Chris Stage. “It took longer to move the books off the shelf than it took to put them together. It was quick from start to finish and the product looked even better in real life than in photos.”

Stage was impressed with the quick turnaround time from design to delivery of the shelves and the ease of construction. He appreciated the ability to customize the shelves, as Carte Blanche Studio was looking for tall shelves to really maximize their space.


“People walk in now and say it looks like an architecture office,” says Stage. “The finish and detailing is incredible and creates the focal point for our office that we wanted so I’m very happy.”

See more options of the modular shelving system used in this feature below:

Modular Shelving Systems

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