Virginia Salon Uses Shelves to Display Retail Products

on Nov 18, 2022

Jim Roberts has been in the salon business for over three decades. Over the course of his career, he and his wife, Maggie, have owned numerous salons but their current focus is a 4,200 square foot salon in downtown Roanoke, Virginia. J Roberts Salon specializes in color but also does haircuts and waxes.

In their salons, the Roberts have used several different industrial shelving options but for J Roberts, they wanted something that was sleek and modular to display their retail products. When they stumbled upon Modern Shelving, it seemed like the perfect fit, so they browsed the website and asked for quotes on different setups, finishes, and types of shelves. When they found a unit that met their needs, they placed an order.

When all four of Roberts's units arrived, he got to work putting the shelves together. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Roberts took his time putting the unit together to achieve the aesthetic he was after. He encountered a bent rail but upon reporting the issue, he was quickly sent a replacement. After he had everything assembled, he cut a portion out of the shelves and installed a television to look like it was part of the original unit.

“I wanted a TV because we use a lot of video footage from the staff and retail promotions and stuff like that,” says Roberts. “The entire front room is kind of a retail experience, so we intentionally escort our clients to that area, talk to them about retail, and it’s pretty visual with the TV.”

The shelves and retail display area are in the front of the store, which is right on a busy corner in downtown Roanoke, so they get seen by a lot of eyes. Roberts is happy with the way the shelves and the space look and likes how they work to house all his retail products.

“They enhance my space,” says Roberts of the shelves. “I think they’re nice and are a quality product. They look very professional.”

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