Couple Uses Modern Shelving to Make Their New House a Home

Posted by Rebecca Parsons on

Maysa and Rafael Moreno first moved to Hoboken, New Jersey in 2016. Transplants from Brazil, they rented for years before buying their first home in the United States in March 2021. Excited to make their house a home, the Morenos searched around online, looking for mid-century style options to outfit their home. After some searching, they stumbled upon Modern Shelving.

“I was looking for something with a mid-century look,” says Maysa. “When I looked at the Modern Shelving options, they really looked mid-century. The wood with the black poles fit with what we were looking for in our house.” 

After they discovered Modern Shelving, the Morenos began measuring out the living room, dreaming up ways a new shelving unit could enhance the space. Their main goal was to create a shelf large enough to store their television, with space around it for books, decorations, and photography equipment. After consulting with a designer at Modern Shelving and making a few minor adjustments, the Morenos landed on a design they were happy with.

When their shelving unit first arrived in the mail, the Morenos were intimidated by the prospect of installing the unit on their own.  Despite their hesitations, they dove in headfirst and were pleasantly surprised by how smoothly the installment went. 

“At the beginning, I thought it was going to be more difficult, but my husband loved the process,” says Maysa. “We did it ourselves and it really worked—we only had one little problem with the poles but then we fixed it and that was it.”

The Morenos have had their shelves in place for a year now and are still thrilled with how they turned out. In addition to their television, their shelves house cameras, plants, decorations, and video games and give their living room a sleek, organized look. The Morenos are so happy with their shelves that they are already considering purchasing another unit for their son’s room.

Currently, their son’s room has a collection of mismatch cabinets that he uses to store his toys and books. The Morenos are visualizing a floor to ceiling design that will be able to accommodate all his things in an organized, visually pleasing way.

“I’m still in love with [my shelves],” says Maysa. “I recommend them to everybody. The project was easy, the shipment and assembly were easy, and I really like them.”

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