Entertainment Wall Unit Design - Custom Design shelving for your space

Posted by John Clark on

Do you have a wall that you want to dedicate to holding your TV, speakers, books, and other forms of entertainment?   Let us design it for you like we did for Robin Jones from Florida.   Robin sent in this email today along with her photos:

You are very welcome.  Jean not only nailed the design the first try (and I am very opinionated re:design!) but was a real problem solver about the delivery to a condo building before we moved there....right down to Fed Ex'ing 6 missing screws for final assembly.

We have had so many compliments on the shelving!  Apparently the door was left open while they were being installed in our empty unit and several people stopped to see them and ask about them.  They are a perfect design for our very modern building with lots of aluminum/wood.
My son is an architect in NYC who does lots of loft renovations and I suspect he will want to integrate them into some of his designs.

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